Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound

Predniki faraona Hound so verjeli, da so udomačene pse, ki so živeli poleg egiptovskega pharaos thousends pred leti, ki služijo kot blizu tovarišice in za lov na majhne divjadi, kot so zajci. Psi, ki so zelo podobni faraonu Hound po videzu so upodobljeni v številnih umetnin v starem Egiptu. Vendar pa povezava med temi psi in Pharaph Hound še ni bila dokazana. Druge sorte psov s podobnimi lastnostmi so živele v različnih državah okoli Mediterranian morja in več španskih otokov v Atlantskem oceanu. Nedoločni zaimek od od this zarod morati življati been začeti v Malta okrog 2000 leto pred, kraj je blo razvit ter naposled znana veličina pod ime od "Kelb tal-Fenek", kateri sredstvo "pes od zajec". V den 1960, kmalu po osamosvojitvi Malte, Kelb Al-Fenek je odkril britanski ljubitelji psov, ki je prinesel pasmo nazaj v Veliko Britanijo. Je blo torej to to pes was dan ime Faraon lovski pes, zato ker to spominjati se zarod od Anubis, starodaven egiptski Bog kdo zavarovati neživ. V Veliki Britaniji je bil prvi leglo proizvedena izven malteških otokov v 1963. Končno, leta 1983 je faraonov pes postal priznan kot pasma na mednarodni ravni.

In 1974 the Pharaoh Hound was declared national dog of its homeland, the islands Malta and Gozo. Today the breed is still mainly kept by local farmers to hunt rabbits and to protect their goat and sheep herds, farms and houses.


Like the ancient Egyptian God of funerals and death, the Pharaoh Hound is of slender yet powerful and athletic build with a long, slightly arched neck. It reaches a shoulder height of up to 63 centimetres and weighs up to 25 kilos, males being bigger and heavier than females. With its very elegant frame the Pharaoh Hound has a long mussle, large and pointy ears and a whip-like, long tail. The coat is glossy and short, colours vary between different shades of tan and red and can show white markings on the end of the tail, on the chest, neck and as a thin line along the middle of the face. Black pigment ist missing, which makes the nose appear in nearly the same colour as the coat, the eyes are of an intense amber.

Temperament and personality

In contrast to its very elegant, statue-like frame, the Pharaoh Hound is a loyal and playful companion, that under certain circumstances can easily be kept as a family dog. It is of a calm nature, provided it gets lots of exercise and time outside. It is devoted to its owner, gentle even with little children and is generally easy to train. If introduced to other dogs and humans as a puppy, it is also friendly to strangers, although it will always protect its home and family with loud barking. The Pharaoh Hound tends to be very sensitive and timid, which means it finds it difficult to adapt to new surroundings and can’t cope with stress very well. Regular walks in busy areas, lots of visitors to the house and gentle company should settle this characteristic easily.

Care and grooming

With its calm nature, the Pharaoh Hound can be kept in a house or apartment, although regular exercise is vital to its wellbeing. The loud barking however could be a great deal of annoyance to next door neighbours. Due to its short coat, extensive grooming is not necessary. To maintain its balanced character, the Pharaoh Hound should only be kept by people who can invest time in long walks and exercise like dog races or agility on a daily basis. If kept in a house with a yard or garden, a strong and high fence is needed to make sure it doesn’t escape. His strong hunting instinct will always make it him run off as soon as it hears or sees potential prey.

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