Dogo Canario

Anyone considering owning a Dogo Canario needs to be completely sure of their ability to exceed this breed’s level of confidence. Having this much power at the end of a leash is an awesome responsibility that demands a complete commitment to comprehensive training and leadership, and paying sufficient attention to this powerful animal’s particular needs.

Physical Characteristics

At a height in the 23 to 26 inch range and a weight of around 126 pounds, the body of a Dogo Canario is thick and powerfully muscular with a length that exceeds its height. The shoulders are slightly lower than the rear, which gives it a defensive posture, but the breed’s most imposing feature is its formidably large head. Broad and square shaped, it has jaws that are deep and powerful and eyes that are ever alert and watchful. Its coat is short and usually coloured black, brindle, fawn, or a combination of these. The powerful attributes were necessary for the original purpose to which this dog was bred, which was controlling livestock and chasing off any...

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