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German Shepherd Dog
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Ve Zlabkach is a partner kennel of Jinopo, a group of professional breeders with 21 years of experience in breeding German Shepherds at the former z Pohranicni straze ( z PS) kennel. The kennel Ve Zlabkach was founded as a result of the breeding cooperation between Remco Lunding and Jiri Novotny. To acknowledge Jiri's significance in breeding, the kennel name Ve Zlabkach was named after the street where the Jinopo facilities are located. Our relationship goes back to the birth of ZOOB z Jirkova dvora on September 26, 2013. ZOOB has been used as stud dog by Jinopo since November 18, 2017, when he was 4 years and 1 month old. He is described as "one of the last few German Shepherds that are significant with traditional features and traits for which the German Shepherd was bred by Max von Stephanitz." Our work is focused on breeding the traditional type of German Shepherd with the objective to produce healthy and versatile progeny that can be used for Family/ Property Protection, Sport, Police K9/ Military Service, and Search and Rescue. To accomplish these goals, we use proven breeding methods by selecting stud dogs and breeding females with required features and traits such as strong bones, solid nerves, dark pigmentation, and strong hunt, prey and defense drives. Ve Zlabkach gives you the possibility to buy puppies and adult dogs with bloodlines originating from old Czech and former East German ( DDR) working German Shepherds. We provide a health guarantee for all puppies and adult dogs purchased from us.

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